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PAIN RELIEVE IN EVERYDAY LIFE SITUATIONS - Northcapz helps you conquer every day lives tasks. Heat at work - Discreetly cool down. Hangover Headache - We take care of it. Foggy Brain - No longer thanks to our cap.


FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - Designed around functionality and performance. Northcapz was designed to blend in with your normal go to baseball cap. Just switch your ball cap to Northcapz.


FROM ATHLETES TO BBQ - From sports competition to drinking beers while barbecuing. Gain an advantage during competition before your shot in breaks and time-outs. Northcapz will help you recover faster be more nuanced in tennis matches, golf games, dart tournaments and all other sports. Or just to cool your head during a nice BBQ with your friends and family in the summer.


QUALITY STANDARDS - Quality is always our priority, nothing worse than receiving a product which doesn’t come close to your expectations. Every unit is hand inspected, no bad smells wrinkles or faulty stitching. Northcapz comes in your own reusable zipper bag.


NORTHCAPZ GUARANTY - Oversold, undervalued? No chance. If you receive a faulty product, or it doesn't fit you properly, contact us, and we will make sure you stay cool in the heat of the moment.

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